Could a plant draw a car? Or could a car draw a plant?

Could a plant draw a car? First of all this question sounds ridiculous like the question - could a car draw a plant?. But if it really happens, that a plant draws a car, sommeone could say - this is only a coincidence. The materialist does not believe in animism. If he, this positivist, discovers signs of spirit or soul he immediatly becomes uncertain. And the next thing he does is  searching for a physical constant. So this constant cancels all coherences of animism and nature. However the universe functions different. I think it is out of question that there should be a possibility of general coincidences. The Chaos-theorie shows clearly how everywhere in the cosmos are germinating points appearing out of nothing. Those points are generating new ordering-systems and new forms of life. I believe everything is possible. Why should the most important living beings on this planet - the plant - be unable to communicate with me? I think some day the plant will say in a telepathic way: good morning my friend, how are you? And I don't think that this will be a sin, like Mister Ambrose says in the "Tales of Horror and the Supernatural" by Arthur Machen. Now, when a Dragon-tree eventually draws a car, there could be only the question – how could this happen? Every men, every artist will be able to project his capabilities, imaginations and memories into forms, colours and movements of all the animated things around him. There will be cars and all the other shapes of imagination. And after all it is not so important, if a plant draws a car or not. For me it is more important that I grant the plant the similar imaginations I have. And the next step to take is acting modestly beside the plant as a partner. So it becomes possible to observe what the plant is generating. Furthermore if I am becoming able to switch off my ego-will, I will reach for my senses a frequency on the alpha level. That will give a new form of reception and opens up for a new dimension – the dimension of the plant.


Function:  This installation allows the plant and the involved person to let the PLANT WRITING and the PARALLEL DRAWING emerge.This happens while signals from the leave of a plant are led into a computer and are developed via a detector and a software program into PLANT WRITING. The involved person draws parallel the PARALLEL DRAWING by clicking the mouse of a second computer. That means, the plant agrees to the ELF-FIELD set up by giving its physically caused signals and the involved person using the installation is able to follow and to copy the recording pattern of the plant. This can be compared with a controlled dialogue. One partner "talks" and the other enquires until the situation turns.

The plant installtaion ELF-FIELD allows its user an interchange with the plant by intuitive answers on a sub-dialogue level.